Core values determine organizational culture, standard of behavior and philosophy of ministry. The nine major core values of the GLOBAL EVANGELICAL CHURCH are Bible Study, Prayer and Fasting, Missions – Evangelism and Discipleship, Faith, Holiness, Tithing and Offering, Leadership, Music and Social Action. 1. Bible Study The Church believes in the Holy Scriptures as the […]

Kinds Of Values

Conscious (as against Unshared) Values Leaders who hold their beliefs at a conscious level are proactive. Shared (as against Unshared) Values Promote strong feelings of personal effectiveness Encourage high levels of loyalty. Result in general agreement about goals Stimulate the development of ethical behaviour Ensure acceptable standards of hard work, behaviour and caring Lessen levels […]


‘Global’ means ‘the entire world’ or ‘universe’. We are committed to spreading the word of God to all nations of the world as commanded in the Great Commission (Matt 28:19-20). The word ‘Global’ emphasizes the scope of our evangelism. It reinforces our aspiration and commitment to bring the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to all […]


5.1 The GLOBAL EVANGELICAL GHURCH used the 1975/79 Constitution to regulate her affairs, from the split in 1991 up to 1995, when Synod promulgated another constitution. After the change of name in 2003 there was the need to review the constitution to take cognizance of the new name and the changes taking place in the […]

4.3 God

God is the Sovereign One. He is perfect in every respect. He holds all righteousness and power. He created all things and He sustains them. Being the Creator, God is no way limited by creation. God has a plan or purpose in respect of His moral creatures and is in total control over all things. […]


After several years of missionary endeavour and with indispensable African support, the church expanded into many towns and villages in Eweland of what are now the Volta Region of Ghana and the south of the Republic of Togo. Since Bremen later become the Head Office of the Mission in 1851, the name ‘Bremen Mission’ came […]