Core values determine organizational culture, standard of behavior and philosophy of ministry. The nine major core values of the GLOBAL EVANGELICAL CHURCH are Bible Study, Prayer and Fasting, Missions – Evangelism and Discipleship, Faith, Holiness, Tithing and Offering, Leadership, Music and Social Action.
1. Bible Study
The Church believes in the Holy Scriptures as the inspired Word of God with final authority in matters of faith and conduct. The Bible is central to the life and ministry of the Church. We therefore encourage and promote daily individual and regular family and corporate Bible study. These go with prayer.
2. Prayer and Fasting
Prayer and Fasting are the keys to personal and corporate spiritual revival. When the Church prays and fasts, revival will come. Prayer and Fasting are our primary sources of power. They are our effective weapon against the odds of life.
Through Prayer and Fasting, coupled with Counseling and Ministry of the Word, we also engage in Healing and Deliverance which is practiced in all our congregations.
Private and Corporate Prayer and Fasting are encouraged in the Global Evangelical Church. The local congregations, districts and presbyteries are encouraged to pray and fast. Prayer and Fasting in the local congregations are promoted. Where applicable, All Night Prayer sessions take place in the local congregations. Quarterly Prayer Rallies must be encouraged in the Pastoral Districts. Presbytery Prayer Festivals should be promoted in every Presbytery, at least once a year.
3. Mission – Evangelism and Discipleship
The Global Evangelical Church emphasizes Mission-Evangelism and Discipleship. We are committed to the propagation of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, bringing the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to people and bringing them to the fellowship of the Church. We are committed to the growth of the GLOBAL EVANGELICAL CHURCH and its total outlook in the area of Mission – Evangelism and Discipleship. Conversion is personal and each individual needs to face and deal with it in his/her lifetime. After conversion, there is the need for the process of Discipleship, only through which a seasoned Christian can be produced. We therefore encourage individuals as well as congregations and groups to win souls through all forms of Evangelism including house-to-house and personal evangelism. We also disciple souls won to the Lord not only to be well grounded in the faith but also to identify and use their spiritual gifts and other resources effectively.
4. Faith
As members of the Global Evangelical Church we have faith. We believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. We believe in Jesus Christ as our only Lord and Savior who rose from the dead. We believe in the Holy Catholic Church. We believe in prayer and the word of God. We strive to be dynamic in faith at any given time.
5. Holiness
Holiness in thought and life as a process of sanctification is an important core value of the Global Evangelical Church. Individuals and corporate bodies are encouraged to pursue Holiness through the work of the Holy Spirit and the process of personal sanctification.
6. Tithing and Offering
We emphasize faithfulness in giving offerings and paying tithes to enhance the ministry and build the body of Christ. The Church practices a policy of self-support. It teaches members to work wisely and hard, in purity, relying solely on God as the source of financial supply; and also to faithfully support the church.
7. Leadership
Leadership development is crucial to the healthy growth of the church. Appointments and callings to leadership positions are based on the leading of the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts, talents, playing of roles, training and charisma. Leadership development begins from the local congregation with members maturing to leadership positions. The cherished structure and administration of the church is through Sessions, Districts, Presbyteries and Synod with its agents as Teachers, Evangelists, Catechists, Presbyters and Pastors. Respect for leaders and authority is highly held.
8. Music
Music is one of our core values. We give expression to our faith through hymns, songs of praise, drumming, clapping of hands, dancing in adoration to our God. We employ musical instruments, soloists, and choristers as elements and expressions of our faith and worship, in full reverence to God and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.
9. Social Action
The Global Evangelical Church believes that part of its mandate in the world is to improve upon the quality of life of members of the communities within which it operates. The Church is entreated to establish educational institutions, hospitals, prayer centers, orphanages and provide potable water, etc. We must also engage in educational programs such as HIV/AIDS campaigns and such other programs. We must do all these in ways that will not violate the word of God or contradict the basis of our Christian faith.
NOTE1: Notes on Core Values

Core values of an organization are the standards of behaviour as agreed upon and cherished by that organization.

The Individual Christian has a set of core values that influence what he does.
The Global Evangelical Church as a corporate body has a set of core values that guide what the body seeks to accomplish.

Our philosophy of ministry is our core value. Our core values determine our priorities and shape all our ministry decisions.

Our core values are that people matter to God; hence much of what our ministry does will reflect a CARING, LOVING attitude toward all people.

Our core values are part of our corporate culture made up of the following:


Our culture is made up of the traditions and values the church has acquired over our years of existence (the way we’ve always done things around here).

Our culture ties us together and gives meaning and purpose to the Church’s life.

To make spiritual impact, we must find it useful to:

1. develop

2. discuss

3. refine

4. display and

5. implement our core value

Our leaders’ key responsibilities are to know and to hold themselves and others accountable to the priority of our values.

Ten Reasons Why Core Values Are Important To Christian Ministry (by Aubrey Malphurs)

1. Values Determine Ministry Distinction

2. Values Dictate Personal Involvement

3. Values Communicate what is Important

4. Values Embrace Positive Change

5. Values Influence Overall Behaviour

6. Values Inspire People to Action

7. Values Enhance Credible Leadership

8. Values Shape Ministry Character

9. Values Contribute to Ministry Success

10. Values Determine the Ministry Vision
What Core Values Are Not

Core Values are not vision.Core Values are not principles.Core Values are not strategies.Core Values are not doctrinal statements.
What Core Values Are

Core values can be defined as the constant, passionate, biblical core beliefs that drive a ministry. (Aubrey Malphurs)
There Are Five Important Elements:

Values Are Constant
Values Are Passionate
Christian Values Are Biblical
Values Are Core Beliefs
Values Drive The Church

Values Affect the Church’s Behaviour in Areas As:

Decision Making
Risk Taking
Goal Setting
Conflict Resolution
Problem Solving
Priorities Determination
Roles Classification
Team Building
Financial Management
Resource Utilization

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