Communiqué Issued By The Global Evangelical Church After Deliberations At The 2021 Synod

Communiqué Issued By The Global Evangelical Church After Deliberations At The 2021 Synod

Communiqué issued by the global evangelical church after deliberations at the 2021 synod held at global evangelical church, victory chapel, ho–fiave from 5th to 8th august, 2021.

THEME: “Faithful Stewardship” (1 Corinthians 4: 1 & 2).

At the 2021 Synod of the Global Evangelical Church, delegates deliberated on various issues affecting the Church, the Christian Community and the nation at large and hereby issue this Communiqué for the attention of the Church, the Government and the general public.

The Synod is grateful to God the Father of our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus for the successful 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.
In identifying the gradual drift towards unfaithfulness in the Church, the Synod, admonishes the Christian Community to revive the zeal and commitment to godliness and life of integrity. Synod further exhorts all believers to renew their evangelistic activities and social services.
The Synod bemoans the level of insecurity in the country such as ritual killings, armed robberies etc. and urges the Government to take the appropriate steps to ensure maximum security for the citizenry.
The Synod is concerned about the rising cases of Covid-19 infections and its attendant high death rates, and urges the citizenry to religiously adhere to the recommended safety protocols.
The Synod appreciates government efforts in fixing roads in the country. However, Synod bemoans the deplorable state of the 695 km Eastern Corridor Road which has become death trap to motorists and therefore appeals to the Government to do all it can to have it completed as early as possible.
The Synod appreciates government’s efforts in tackling the canker of corruption in the country. However, Synod urges government and institutions clothed with the power to fight it to do so without fear or favour and irrespective of the status of the persons involved.
The Synod is concerned about the resurgence and devastating effect of illegal mining (galamsey) activities in the country, and further urges government to broaden the stakeholder-involvement in the fight against this menace.
Synod is much concerned about the preservation and protection of our cultural and family values and therefore implores Parliament to expedite action on the passing of the “Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values” Bill.



Prepared by:

Rev. Mrs. Comfort N. Y. Kokuma

Rev. Francis E. K. Dande

Rev. S. K. G. Agbeyome

Capt. Daniel Kwame Deynu

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